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How To Buy Amazon Gift Card With Bitcoin In 2022


Buying your favorite items and gifts on Amazon just got easier, with the possibility that you can buy your Amazon Gift card with Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

If you’ve been “hodling” Bitcoin for a while, your investment has probably doubled. This means while you may not have enough money to spend on what you want, you have Bitcoin.

Though, Amazon does not directly approve Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as a payment method on its website.

However, there is an easy way to use Bitcoin to purchase your favorite items such as laptops, drones, books, and hoverboards on Amazon.

Therefore, in this read, you’ll learn what an Amazon gift card is all about, their categories and how to buy them with bitcoin. You’ll also discover the platforms where you can buy these gift cards with Bitcoin and the steps to take.

How To Buy Amazon Gift Card With Bitcoin

Since Amazon does not receive Bitcoin. There is a need for you to go through a platform that allows you to purchase your Amazon Gift Cards outside of Amazon.

This section will guide you step by step on how to buy an Amazon gift card with your Bitcoin at CryptoRefills.

CryptoRefills is one of those online platforms that allow you to buy Amazon Gift Cards using your Bitcoins. Other platforms include SpectroCoin, BitPay, eGiftCard24, Bitrefill, and so on.

To Buy Amazon Gift Cards with Bitcoin on these platforms is secure and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

#1. Go to CryptoRefills

Go to the CryptoRefills website on your computer or phone browser, or download the CryptoRefills App on your device.

#2. Select your country

When you visit the website or install the app, you’ll see the available product categories. Make sure to choose a country.

#3. Select “Ecommerce” and choose Amazon gift card

Select an Amazon Gift Card to see the packages accessible for that item. Click on the package you want to buy or input a value in the box.

#4. Choose your currency and package

Then select the cryptocurrency you want to pay with, in this case, Bitcoin. The price of the package based on the selected currency will be displayed.

#5. Proceed to the checkout

Enter your email address and select the check box. Click Proceed to payment. Please make sure your email address is correct so that you can be issued a unique code and contacted in case of problems.

#6. Make the Bitcoin payment

Transfer the correct amount of Bitcoins to the address shown and follow the instructions. It is crucial to deposit the exact amount indicated.

You can try the QR code shown on the page to ensure correct addressing and hasten the process.

#7. Receive your Amazon gift card

After a few moments, you will get an Amazon code via e-mail. The code delivery relies on the time it takes the system to verify the transaction.

In general, it should take a minute or two, but it may be necessary to wait 5 or 10 minutes due to the crowding of the network and miners’ costs. You should also Browse your spam folder.

If you still didn’t get an email, please forward an email to using your registration email address.

Other Platforms Of Purchase

Several other platforms allow you to buy an Amazon Gift card with your bitcoin. A few of those platforms are:


The first platform on the list is Spectrocoin. This exchange provides various functions, including the possibility of buying Amazon gift cards with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

After registration, the next thing is to log in to the system and go to the category dedicated to gift cards. KYC is not required, and fees are quite low (one of the cheapest between different platforms).

The spectrocoin will mandate a 1% fee for the transaction. You can acquire personal coupons for an ultimate value of 500 euros. Furthermore, you can purchase more than a coupon.


Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use the BitPay platform to buy an Amazon gift card with your Bitcoin.


Another exchange that permits you to buy amazon coupons is eGiftCards24. You can also use BitCoins on this platform to buy any amount of Amazon Gift card.

However, the options are more restricted than spectrocoin and there is a higher charge fee.


Known for mobile phone recharge, BitreFill also permits you to buy an amazon gift card with bitcoin.

However, transaction fees are high and constitute about 3%.


Purse is more than a useful sales system, it serves as a shopping intermediary, it also offers add itt discounts.

Payment in crypto currency will be carried out directly on the platform, without buying gift cards to transfer to the account. However, the option works only with, at least for the time being.


Finally, OffGamers also provides the option to purchase Amazon gift card using BitPay payment services and pay with Bitcoin.

The gift cards are a little more costly than the other gift cards because they are a few euros higher than the actual price.

Best Features of Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon provides many design alternatives for its gift cards and other extraordinary details. They are:

Pros Of Gift Cards

Gift cards provide several advantages. They include:

Cons of Gift Cards

Gift cards also have some disadvantages. They include:

If you want to know more about Gift cards and which types of gift cards you can buy with Bitcoin, keep reading.

What Is A Gift Card?

Gift cards are a kind of payment that can be used in retail establishments, gas stations, and restaurants, among other places. You can load money onto the card and use it everywhere you or the gift card receiver is accepted.

There are two types of gift cards: open-loop and closed-loop. Open-loop gift cards can be utilized wherever the brand’s card is approved. For instance, a gift card with the MasterCard logo can buy anywhere the MasterCard is functional.

Closed-loop cards, however, can only be adopted at certain vendors. For example, if you bought gift cards from Starbucks or Amazon, you or the receiver of the gift card can only transact using them at the retail store that issued the card.

Physical vs. Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards can be physical, which indicates plastic or it can be digital. Digital gift cards do not have any shape; Rather, a personal gift code will be given, which can be used to buy online during transactions.

Physical cards continue to be the most famous type of gift card, but that might change in years to come.

Firms such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target permit customers to buy physical cards and fund digital or online accounts. Prominent cafes such as Starbucks, Chipotle, and Chili’s also provide digital and physical gift cards to their clients.

These cards are effective for customers who use the application or the onsite card reader to pay for drinks and meals, speeding up the checkout process.

You can also conserve your digital gift card code in mobile wallet apps like Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal’s Venmo. Thus, when you’re ready to pay, you can choose your digital gift card as your chosen payment method.

What Is An Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon gift cards work like regular vouchers/gift cards. It can be effortlessly used on Amazon to purchase items available on,,,,, and other Amazon directories.

Just input your billing code and click Apply to Balance. You can also use the billing code during payment.

How Do Amazon Gift Cards Work?

The Amazon Gift Card is a pre-funded card with a fixed amount of money and is delivered by e-mail, mail, or another method for the recipient.

The receiver can redeem his gift card on Amazon for everything on it. You can buy gift cards up to $10,000 in one day.

Different Types of Amazon Gift Cards

There are four (three main) categories of Amazon gift cards to select from:

#1. Amazon eGift Card 

The eGift card is sent by e-mail. You can decide a predetermined amount or input another amount you want.

Likewise, You can mail this type of Gift Card once or slate a prospective delivery period.

You can also send it to various people simultaneously if you wish to order for your crew.

Furthermore, you can buy factual gift cards for business purposes via the Amazon incentive program. This type of gift card is sent within 5 minutes if there are no issues with the payment card..

#2. Print At Home Amazon Gift Cards 

Send the message containing the amount and quantity, make the payment, and you will receive a home print Gift Card in PDF format.

Thus, You can then print them in your house and also customize them to suit your needs. Home-printed PDFs can also be downloaded from the Orders segment after purchase.

This type of gift card will also be sent within 5 minutes.

#3. Gift Cards By Mail 

Gift cards sent by mail are more personalized. They mostly come in many diverse packaging and designs.

Immediately you select the package and design you want and make a payment, Amazon will send the Gift Cards to the recipient. If accessible, this is usually a one-day free delivery.

4. Anytime Greeting Cards

Anytime Gift cards are distributed in Amazon greeting cards and possess no significance.

After receiving the card, you will access your Amazon account, input the serial digits, and fund it.

The Gift Card comes to be active after processed payment. Then you can express it as a gift.

You can fund a greeting card at any time up to $2,000. In any case, they are sent within 2 days.

Greetings Gift cards can be designed according to event such as:-


Buying products and gifts for friends and families could be very challenging especially when you’re not with enough cash at hand.

Nevertheless, you can make your purchase by buying an Amazon gift card with your bitcoin. These gift Cards can in turn be used to purchase whatever item you wish.

The platforms that enable these processes and steps to follow have been well stated in this piece.

Frequency Asked Questions

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire?

Amazon Gift Cards do not expire and you can use your funds in your account whenever you are ready to purchase from Amazon.

Can you buy stuff on Amazon with Cryptocurrencies?

Amazon sells nearly everything. This implies that you can purchase almost anything with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Can you use Coinbase on Amazon?

You can connect your Coinbase account or send right from your wallet using a direct address or QR code.

Is Amazon coin a Cryptocurrency?

The Amazon token will be a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.



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